This is the beginning of something of an ambitious project for me. We all have songs that mean something to us in some significant way; songs that were playing during seminal moments in our lives, songs that remind us of someone or even songs from movies or advertising that strike us in a particular way.

I’ve always thought that people’s associations with songs were really interesting, I’ve heard some amazing stories in my time about the memories that people link to songs so I want to document some of these diverse stories as best I can.

From a personal perspective I’m going to write a weekly post about a song that means a lot to me in some way but I’m also going to get some insight from friends, family and other pleasant folks about the music that holds a significance for them.

Joe “Jozo” Harrington – “Default” – Django Django

Valerie “Half-Pint” O’Regan – “Sleeping Satellite” – Tamsin Archer

Sarah “L’il” Bailey – “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

The Huntsman Bar – “Together We Are Beautiful” – Fern Kinney

Shane “Bucks” Buckley – “Tumbling Backwards (Daithi Remix)” – Young Wonder

Becca “Nips” Noonan – “You Make My Dreams” – Hall & Oates

Ruairi “Hagz” O’Hagan – “Give Him A Ball (and a yard of grass)” – Sultans of Ping FC


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