Bedrooms: Social Media in Furniture form?

We’re all aware that social media use is ubiquitous these days. The looks of suspicion which greet “Oh, I’m not on Facebook”  almost rival those of “I actually don’t drink tea or coffee”. 

Social media is a fantastic way to advertise yourself, your hobbies and your interests (when presented properly) and your bedroom is the exact same. As a child you don’t really have that much scope for expressing yourself on a large scale (unless your Dad is someone like Banksy) and having the opportunity to make your bedroom “yours” is truly a special one. Whether it’s painting the wardrobe, plastering the walls with posters or just re-arranging the furniture, the potential for creativity is vast.

When I was considerably younger than I am now and my friends were coming to visit I would have to ensure that anything embarrassing or uncool was hidden or tidied away. Simultaneously I would have to provide maximum exposure to anything worth bragging about – proudly displaying anything that could be remotely associated with Manchester United while carefully arranging my favourite yo-yos on top of my chest of drawers (yo-yos were cool when I was a kid, I swear). Posters of David Beckham and Roy Keane in various stages of goal-scoring celebration adorned my wall as every available piece of furniture was coated in a multitude of horrendous stickers.


A move into the teenage years meant a reinvention of the bedroom was inevitable. Being lucky enough to have a television (with the attractive sidekick of a PlayStation) meant that the aforementioned friends became as much of a fixture in the bedroom as the blanket box at the end of the bed (I didn’t actually have that many blankets, as far as I was concerned it’s just a place where a teenage boy would hide their yo-yos when friends called over). As a result of my reinvention it wouldn’t do to display such current and obvious sporting heroes as Beckham and Keane, this meant I would have to post homages to more cultured athletes like Gary Neville to my wall (see what I did there).

It didn’t stop at just sports and video games though, everyone knows that being a teenager means you become a knowledgeable authority on every conceivable genre of music and I was no different. MP3s hadn’t taken over at that point which meant that CDs weren’t just used for wearing out my Discman, they could also be strategically placed around my bedroom for self-promotion! “What’s that? Oh yeah, that’s my Nirvana album alright,  always loved them”. I was so clever.

fb post

It should also be mentioned that if you wanted to impress any girl you would have to possess several albums of men playing acoustic guitars (for the record, James Blunt’s first album was aces, I don’t care what you say).

As I’ve gotten older I’ve flown the nest and been allowed to have influence on rooms other than my bedroom. This means that I no longer feel the need to attempt to condense my personality into one room. Even though I do miss the days of arranging my NOW albums in chronological order, it’s probably for the best, the yo-yo storage space was getting ridiculous.



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