Bedrooms: The Last Sanctuary

There are few things in this world better than getting back to your bedroom at the end of a long day. The moment you close that door the world is shut out and you can enjoy the peace of your own thoughts in the last bastion of privacy (you may have a guest, but I’m not that kind of blog).

Chances are that you spend a large portion of your life in your bedroom and it only makes sense that you should care about the furniture in there. There’s a thought-provoking quote attributed to John Wildsmith;

“You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both”

Now, I’ve always been a fan of that quote and after some thorough research (a quick google) you can discover that John Wildsmith was a shoemaker (and owner of Wildsmith Shoes) which, for me, adds a pinch of salt to the altruistic nature of his statement.

Of course, tastes change as you progress through life. As a child I remember thinking bunk beds were the coolest item of bedroom furniture a boy could have (for obvious reasons).


A bunk bed can be any one of a number of things to a child with a decent imagination – a pirate ship, a tank, a submarine… or even a bed! The possibilities are endless, there couldn’t possibly have been a better item of bedroom furniture.

Time progressed, and one day I came to the shocking realisation that I couldn’t have been more wrong! If you’re a fan of The Simpsons you’ll surely remember the episode where Milhouse’s parents separated – a harrowing tale I’m sure you’ll agree. One of the more depressing parts of that show was Kirk (Milhouse’s Father) showing off his bachelor pad to Homer.

A bit of a downer, right? WRONG. I saw this episode when I was seven years-old. A racing car bed? To seven year-old me that was possibly the greatest thing in the world.

“Hang on a second”, I hear you cry, “Homer sleeps in a big bed with his wife”. Sleeps in a big bed with his wife? Seven year-old boys don’t want wives, and to a child every bed is a big bed!

For years I wished for a bedroom with a racing car bed and I’m not going to lie, a small part of me still wants one. Just imagine how fast you’d get to sleep!

Check them out here, they are glorious

Inevitably, and reluctantly, I’ve grown up to the stage whereby I’m considerably more partial to a different sleeping arrangement. Seven year-old me would be horrified to learn that the next piece of furniture on my bedroom wishlist is a lovely new headboard.

I’ll tell you this for nothing, you never fully appreciate a headboard until you don’t have one. For me, trying to sleep in a bed without a headboard is like having an itch on your foot that requires you to take off your shoe – it’s not the end of the world but it’s mildly frustrating.

As I wrote that I realised just how excited I am at the notion of getting a new headboard and if I’m honest it’s a wonderful feeling. I’m definitely going to get a racing car bed for any future children I have though.


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