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#TheBigDrive – November 7th

I left Milton Keynes in my rear-view mirror, hopefully forever. There also wasn’t going to be much driving done today as I was due to fly back to Cork which was a good thing because the diesel tank was closing in on empty and I definitely didn’t plan on putting any money into that car … Continue reading

#TheBigDrive – November 6th

My room in Southampton was not your usual hotel room. I realise I’m harking back to last night but the more I think about it the more unusual these circumstances are. When the pleasant receptionist began to tell me directions to my room I drifted off as soon as she told me my room number … Continue reading

#TheBigDrive – November 5th

This morning it became apparent that the rain was also spending its holidays in south-east England. I checked out and hit the road with Clive (Clive is the car’s nickname rather than a new British friend). I took a spin over to the Canterbury Cathedral and stuck my head in to have a look before … Continue reading

#TheBigDrive – November 4th

I landed into Stansted today with more of a notion than a plan. My intention was to spend this week in England visiting various places that I’d always wanted to see but would never make a special trip to visit each one. How was I going to accomplish this? By renting a car and seeing … Continue reading